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ACSEINE Reset Wash Cleansing Mousse 200ml

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【Product Description】

Do you have such troubles?

☑ Rough skin surface, difficult to apply makeup

☑The lotion does not penetrate well

☑It is easy to have dull skin and look uninspired

☑ Dry but prone to breakouts/pimples.

If you are confused by the above, please try this cleanser.

Removes excess keratin without increasing the burden on the skin.
Reshapes the stratum corneum with a moist "foam" effect.
The ideal lather is created with just one click. While soothing the skin, it gently exfoliates "thick dead skin cells".
Wash for soft and smooth skin without roughness.
★Low irritation, no fragrance, no coloring, no alcohol (ethanol).
It doesn't mean that everyone won't have skin troubles or get acne (the source of acne).

●After dabbing your face with lukewarm water, take an appropriate amount in your hand and apply the foam directly to your face.
●While gently wrapping the foam on the face, gently draw a circle to blend the foam into the skin.
● Then, simply wash off the foam, and then rinse carefully about 10 to 15 times.
(Because the foam is light and soft, rinse carefully on the edges of the hairline, etc.)


【brand introduction】
Japanese skincare brand Acseine has been designed for sensitive skin since 1970.
Develop low-irritant, fragrance-free, pigment-free and allergen-free cosmetics for basic skin care.
The basic concept of the product is to prevent relapse skin yan, hoping to remove harmful substances in cosmetics and keep the skin healthy. Therefore, Acseine has launched 7 different skin care formulas for sensitive skin to meet the needs of different types of skin.
AD anti-sensitivity repair series: for severe skin yan
AL Essential Skincare: For Fragile Skin
AC Acne Care Series: For Adult Acne
White Emulsion (whitening and moisturizing series): On the one hand, it keeps the stratum corneum healthy, and on the other hand, it creates a supple, transparent and bright skin without dark spots and dullness*.

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