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ACSEINE Mild Wash Cleansing Mild Cleansing Oil

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【Product Description】
Gentle dry cleansing oil for sensitive skin

Makeup stains appear reliably without burdening the skin.
It will not increase the burden on sensitive skin, and even the stubborn makeup dirt can be completely removed.
Washable cleansing oil.
Contains amino acid moisturizing ingredients that lock in moisture.

★Low irritation, no fragrance, no coloring, no parabens (preservatives), no alcohol (ethanol)
(It doesn't mean that everyone doesn't have skin troubles.)

●Take an appropriate amount of cleansing oil (about 2 presses) on dry hands, apply it to the entire face, and massage gently with fingertips to make the foundation and other impurities surface.
<Caution> If the amount is too small, the massage action may not be smooth. In order not to burden the skin with friction, please use an appropriate amount.
●Add a small amount of water or lukewarm water to continue massaging, and rinse after all the cleansing oil turns white.
●Then wash your face with a cleanser suitable for your skin such as "Cream Foam".
<Caution> Please do not let hot water or water get into the container.



【brand introduction】
Japanese skincare brand Acseine has been designed for sensitive skin since 1970.
Develop low-irritant, fragrance-free, pigment-free and allergen-free cosmetics for basic skin care.
The basic concept of the product is to prevent relapse skin yan, hoping to remove harmful substances in cosmetics and keep the skin healthy. Therefore, Acseine has launched 3 different skin care formulas for sensitive skin to meet the needs of different types of skin.
AD anti-sensitivity repair series: for severe skin yan
AL Essential Skincare: For Fragile Skin
AC Acne Care Series: For Adult Acne

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