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ナリスNaris Health Tea DX 30 sachets

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【Product Description】
Health Tea DX contains 7 sprouted natural ingredients: sprouted bees, sprouted rye, sprouted soybeans, sprouted brown rice, sprouted barley, sprouted shrimp and sprouted black beans. Delicious herbal tea. ● 20 kinds of natural ingredients such as "onion skin" and "kumiskutin" which are good for health and hydration are mixed. ◆ Please use it to maintain the health and beauty of your family.

【Ingredients and Ingredients】

Germinated Coix (Thailand), Germinated Barley, Germinated Barley, Germinated Ebisu Gusa Tea, East Middle Leaf, Germinated Soybean, Germinated Brown Rice, Germinated Black Soybean, Kuco Leaf, Lantern, Bear Masa, Dokudami, Green Tea, Chrysanthemum, Kumiskutin, Onion Leather, Yak, Green Louie Boss, Golden Tea, Barley

Put 1 tea bag in 1L of boiling water and cook for about 5 minutes. Suitable for both hot and cold drinks

◆ If you have allergies or diseases or are receiving medical treatment, please consult your doctor before consuming.
◆ Keep away from children.
◆ In rare cases, turbidity or precipitation may occur depending on the water quality, but there is no problem with the water quality.
◆ Be careful not to get scalded by hot water.
◆ Consume as soon as possible after opening. Balance your diet based on main meals, main dishes, and side dishes.

Product Information Health tea DXは, 発bud ハトムギ, 智bud rye, 険bud soybean, 険葉 brown rice, 険bud barley, 険bud エエビスグサ, 険bud black soybean 7 kinds of 険bud natural raw materials を mix し, far red outer line of Ding Ning な marriage fried で, incense しいTaste and fragrance りのお茶にげました●Moisture replenishment and 20 kinds of natural raw materials such as "タマネギの皮" "クミスクチン". ◆ごfamily の health maintenance や beauty に お 吳立 て く だ さい.
Name: Mixed tea full ingredient list Raw material name: Long bud rye, long bud barley, long bud エ ビスグ サ tea, Eucommia eucommia leaf, long bud soybean, long bud brown rice, long bud black soybean, クコ leaf, licorice, クマザサ, ドクダミ, green tea, Chrysanthemum, クミスクチン, タマネギ skin, ヤーコン, グリーンルイボス, sweet tea, Korean ginseng

(おcalls し上がりfang)
Boil 1L (about 6 cups) of にティーバッグ 1 packet of を into it, and cook it out in about 5 minutes. Warm かいままでも, またcold やしてもおいしくお Drink みいただけます.
(ご Note)
◆アレルギー・Disease no あ る や や を Receive け い る る は, おcall し上がり前にDoctor にご chat ください.
◆The hand of the juvenile child is かないところに safekeeping.
◆Water quality issues and quality issues.
◆ お Tang に よ る や け ど に は, very ご attention く だ さい.
◆After opening, it will be called し上がりください. Food life は, staple food, main dish, side dish を basic に, food affairs no バランスを.

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