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Anpanman Band-Aid

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ムヒのキズテープ 20 pieces

【product details】
●Protect wound surfaces (eg cuts and scratches).
●It is very suitable for children's fingers. Its length is suitable for children's fingers and can protect children's wounds in sports.
●There are 12 designs.
There are a total of 12 designs with 20 superhuman characters.
●The ultra-thin film tape that is hard to get stuck by scratches.
A polyurethane film is used, which allows only air to pass through and not water. Prevent suffocation by passing air through.

Purpose of use: To protect the surface of the wound How to use: Put the Band-Aid on the scratched wound and stick it carefully so as not to wrinkle the tape.

[raw materials]
Non-woven fabric, mesh tape: polyurethane film, acrylic adhesive Size ・ ・ ・ 19*60mm

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