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Shiseido Skin Key Hengrun Silk Satin Radiance Cream No. 10 25g

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【Product Description】
Creamy Foundation for Satin-Smooth and Beautiful Skin: オークルO10
Developed to create brilliance like a diamond. A conditioning cream foundation that delivers moist, satin-smooth skin the moment it is applied. Light Energizing Enhancer, a unique technology that combines makeup and skincare to enhance radiance.

How to use Please use it after conditioning your skin with your own skin care products or base makeup.
Take foundation with fingertips and apply to 5 areas of face (cheeks, forehead, nose, chin).
First, apply it to one cheek by swirls a few times, then work outward from the center of the face. After finishing the other one in the same way, apply it on the forehead, eyes, nose and around the mouth.

At low doses, you will not get adequate UV protection.

It is recommended to use it with a base makeup with UV protection.

Use Clé de Peau Beauté Panso (Tanfluid & Creme) sold separately for a better fit and a radiant, beautiful finish.
If the dosage is small, the UV protection effect will be insufficient.
It is recommended to use it with a base makeup with UV protection.

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