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Shiseido Skin Key Laser Diamond White Double Mask 6pcs

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【Product Description】
sheet whitening mask
6 packs of whitening* mask that radiates skin from the inside out Effectively inhibits melanin production and prevents dark spots and freckles.
A whitening mask that concentrates whitening active ingredients and moisture on the entire skin, leaving the skin radiant from the inside out.

It contains a lot of essence. Be careful with drippings when removing the mask from the bag.
If you pull the mask too much while unfolding, it will stretch. Unfold it gently without applying too much force.
Please use after conditioning your skin with lotion.
Remove the mask from the bag, unfold it gently, pinch the ends, and aim at the mouth. Fit along the face line towards the temples.
Next, remove the upper mask from the bag, unfold it gently, squeeze the lids outward, and hold the ends. Line it up with the eyes, then press lightly on the forehead and under the eyes to fit so that there is no gap in the nose.
Hold the entire face with the palm of your hand to keep the mask snug.
After about 10 minutes, remove the mask and let the essence remaining on the skin blend into it.

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