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Zojirushi mug ink black 480mL

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【Product Description】
Color: Jet Black Capacity: 480ml

● Vacuum insulated thermos.
● "Seamless Seal" where seal and packing are combined.
● Light and compact.
● One key to open.
● High heat insulation and cold preservation.
● "Inner surface fluorine coating" that does not leave color and odor.
● Whole body can be washed. * Do not leave in water.
● "scattering suppression mechanism" that prevents water droplets from scattering.
● "Ventilation structure drinking spout" for smooth outflow of beverages.
● Condensation suppression structure for peace of mind.
● Wide mouth for easy loading of ice cubes.

●Capacity: 480ml
●Insulation effect: 95
℃ hot water is maintained at 71℃ or higher after being put in for 6 hours.
●Cold effect: 4
The ice water at °C is kept below 8 °C after being put in for 6 hours.
● Diameter: 4cm

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