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Sophie tampons 25 packs

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【product description】

An everyday tampon that absorbs an exceptionally large amount. Using a new shape fiber formula, the absorption capacity isチャームソフトタンポンスーパー 1.3 times. And the thickness of the decal is the same as that of the supermarket, and it is easy to use. The easy-to-insert round-tipped soft applicator absorbs and spreads out like an arrow, so it can be pulled out smoothly.


Fingers hold central grip A

The body is relaxed, and the outer catheter is inserted until the thumb of the middle finger touches the vaginal opening

Push the inner catheter until the heart push mark clicks

Take out the catheter, the cotton thread is used outside the body for subsequent removal

There is a position between the vaginal opening and the uterus. Even if it is used for the first time, it will not be uncomfortable. If it is not deep enough, it will be uncomfortable.

Use between four and eight hours, no more than eight hours



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