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FANCL FANCL eye care pills 30 capsules for 30 days

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ファンケルFANCL えんきんb
30 FANCL eye care pills in 30 days

product information
Enkin contains TEIN, astaxanthin, anthocyanin 3-glucoside and DHA to help regulate focus at hand and reduce the burden on shoulder and neck muscles caused by eye use. It is Japan's first functional food as a health food for the eyes, it can adjust the focus at hand, please feel it.
*This product is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of disease. Be careful not to overuse your smartphone.

Product Description
[Daily] 1 capsule [Contents] about 30 days [Functional ingredients] Lutein: 10 mg, Astaxanthin (in free form): 4 mg, Anthocyanin, 3-glucoside per 2 tablets per day: 2.3 mg, DHA: 50mg Blueberry (Blueberry) Extract 20mg and Black Soybean Seedling Extract 26.5mg contains Sianidine-3-Glucocide.

[Note] *This product contains soybeans as part of its raw materials. Do not consume if you have food allergies. *Do not consume if you are pregnant/nursing or underage.

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