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【Third Class Medicinal Products】New Version TRANSINO Daiichi Sankyo Whitening Tablets WHITE C PREMIUM 180 Tablets

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(Class 3 medicinal products) TránシーノホワイトCクリア (240 tablets) / Tránシーノ

【Product Description】
● L-cysteine and vitamin C work together to inhibit the production of melanin, which can cause pigmentation and freckles. It also promotes skin metabolism, promotes melanin excretion, and relieves pigmentation caused by age spots, freckles and sunburn.
● Makes the melanin that produces vitamin C colorless.
● Contains 4 vitamins (E, B2, B6, B3) for healthy skin

Reduces symptoms*: Pigmentation caused by spots, freckles, sunburn and rashes.
Supplement with vitamin C in the following situations: physical fatigue, pregnancy/nursing, frailty during and after illness, old age.
In the following cases* Prevention of bleeding: Bleeding gums, epistaxis
However, if these symptoms* do not improve after about a month of use, consult your doctor, pharmacist or dentist.

【Amount of ingredients】
Ascorbic acid 1000 mg in 4 tablets
L-cysteine 240mg
D-Alpha-Tocopherol Succinate 50mg Riboflavin 6mg Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 12mg Nicotinamide 60mg
Corn Starch, Lactose, Cellulose, Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC), Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Hypromellose (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose), Titanium Oxide, Talc, Polyethylene Glycol, Carnauba Wax

Take the following amounts with water or hot water.
[Age: 1 dose: daily dose]
Adults (15 years and older): 2 tablets: Take twice in the morning and two in the evening.
7 to 15 years old: 1 tablet: 2 times, take in the morning and evening.
Under 7 years: Do not take.
【Precautions for use】
(1) Please strictly follow the usage and dosage.
(2) Can be taken before or after meals.
(3) If taking it for children over 7 years old, please take it under the guidance and supervision of parents.

【Precautions for use】
■ Consulting
1. 1. The following people should consult a doctor, pharmacist or registered distributor before taking this product.
(1) Those who are being treated by a doctor
(2) People with allergic symptoms due to drugs, etc.
2. If any of the following symptoms occur after taking this medicine, you may experience side effects, please stop taking this medicine immediately and consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered dealer with this document.

[Related section: Symptoms]
Skin: Rash/redness, itching Digestive System: Nausea/vomiting, upset stomach, abdominal pain

3. 3. After taking this medicine, the following symptoms may occur. If these symptoms persist or worsen, stop taking this medicine and consult your doctor, pharmacist or registered dealer with this document.
diarrhea, constipation
4. If symptoms do not improve after taking this medicine for about a month, stop taking this medicine and consult your doctor, dentist, pharmacist or registered dealer with this document.
five. After taking this medicine, your period may come earlier than expected, and your menstrual flow may increase slightly. If bleeding persists, take this document with your doctor, pharmacist or registered dealer.

【Other Precautions】
Notes related to ingredients/quantities
(1) Taking this drug may affect the test values of urine and feces. If you are being examined by a doctor, tell your doctor that you are taking a preparation containing vitamin C.
(2) Riboflavin (vitamin B2) contained in this medicine may cause yellow urine.

※Japanese products are frequently updated. If you receive a product that does not match the detailed picture, please refer to the actual product you received. In addition, after cross-border long-distance transportation, the outer packaging of the product may appear indentation, micro-damage, seal (if any) detachment, and wear of the date of printing due to scratches and collisions, but usually does not affect the quality of the product.

リニューアルににい, パッケージ, and content, etc., will be notified when it comes to changing occasions. To め ご 䁏 だ さ い.

Commodity classification: the third category of medicinal products

【Details of the product of トランシーノホワイトCクリア】
●L-システインがビタミンC and co-operation して, しみやそばかすの cause and なるメラニンの generation を suppression. Metabolism of さらにおmuscle is stimulated, メラニンの excretion is promoted, and it is easy to reduce pigmentation.
●ビタミンCが comes out てしまったBlack color メラニンを colorless していきます.
4 kinds of をすこやかににくのビタミン (E, B2, B6, B3) coordination

【Effective effect】

・Relief of various symptoms of the next time: しみ, そばかす, 日やけ・かぶれによる Pigmentation of the next occasions: Supplements of the second occasion of the ビタミンC of the body: physical fatigue, pregnancy, lactation, low physical strength after illness, old age Bleeding prevention in the occasion: 歯ぐきからの bleeding, nosebleed next

The amount of water and water is taken for the next time.

Yearly: 1 time: the number of times per day
Adults (over 15 years old): 2 tablets: Take 2 times in the morning and evening.
Over 7 years old and under 15 years old: 1 tablet: Take 2 times in the morning and evening.
7 years old before: take しないで下さい.

★Usage and dosage are related and careful
(1) Usage and dosage
(2) Before eating and after eating, take it.
(3) Children over the age of 7 years old should take it at the occasion, and the guardian's guidance and supervision should be taken at the same time.


This は は white-わ ず か に red flavor を 帯 び た white の フ ィ ル ム コ ー テ ィ ン グ 剤 で, 4 tablets contains し て い ま を.
Ascorben C: 1000mg
L-システイン: 240mg
Cohelic acid d-α-トコフェロール (natural type ビタミンE): 50mg
riboflavin (ビタミンB2): 6mg
ピリドキシンミンB6: 12mg
Nikomin acid Amido (ビタミンB3): 60mg
Additives: トウモロコシデンプン, lactose, セルロース, カルメロース, ヒドロキシプロピルセルロース, ステアリンacid Mg, ヒプロメロース, acidified チタン, タルク, マロクロゴール, カルウルウルキシプロピルセルロース

★Ingredients and amounts are related to する Note ※ The effects of taking this medicine, urine and feces are checked. Physician's inspection, receiving, and occasions, ビタミンC を containing する る を し てい る こ and を Physician knowledge ら せ て 下さい.
※This 剤に cooperates with されているリボフラビン (ビタミンB2) により and Urine Yellow になることがあります.

★Talking about すること
1. Before taking the medicine, the doctor and the pharmacist should talk to the registered dealer again.
(1) Physician's treatment
(2) こしたことがある
2. After taking the medicine, the symptoms of the second time, the possibility of side effects, the possibility of side effects, the discontinuation of taking the medicine, the doctor, the doctor, and the registered dealer.
Relationship Site: Symptoms
Skin: rash, redness, かゆみ
Digestive organ: vomiting, vomiting, upset stomach, abdominal pain
3. After taking, the symptoms of the second time, the symptoms of the symptoms, the symptoms of the symptoms, the symptoms of the symptoms, the symptoms of the symptoms, the strong onesして下さい.
diarrhea, constipation
4.1 Monthly use, symptoms, symptoms, and occasions, you should stop taking it, and you should talk to a doctor, a doctor, a doctor, and a registered salesperson.
5. After taking it, the physiological condition is predetermined, the blood volume is determined, and the blood volume is determined. Bleeding is long, there are occasions, the document is the doctor, the doctor, the doctor, and the registered dealer is talking about it.

★Caution on storage and retrieval
(1) When the sun is shining, it is wet and there is no less.
(2) Small children's hands are kept at the place where they are kept.
(3) His container is replaced by えないで下さい. (Causes of misuse になったりQuality が変わります)
(4) Container プ ッ 容 の し め が が が な な な な な な な な な は は は は は ど の によ によ によ によ 変 する する あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ あ は は そ そ キャ キャ キャ し めて っか っか さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ っか っか っか さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ さ
(5) ぬれた手でfetch り扱わないで下さい. Moisture is mellow, the surface is melted, and the color is muted.また, ぬれた錉剤をビンに戻すとまににも influence を and えますので, 戻さないで下さい.
(6) For the prevention of damage to the spindle during transportation, it should be kept after opening.
(7) ビンの中に Drying 扤を入れてありますので, 斬を わるまでは書てないで下さい.ま た, 偣 て taking し な い よ う attention し て 下 さ い.
(8) Indicates that the expiration date of the product has passed, and the product has been used.

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