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Hot Spring Tour Maple Appreciation Hot Spring Bathing Agent 12 Packs (4 types × 3 Packs each)

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【Product Description】
Fatigue recovery, stiff shoulders, low back pain, rheumatism, poor blood circulation, frostbite, acne, hemorrhoids, chapped, rash, rough skin, prickly heat, rash, neuralgia.
Hot spring ingredients (sodium bicarbonate, sodium sulfate) enhance the warm bath effect, promote blood circulation, and effectively relieve fatigue and stiff shoulders.
Contains moisturizing ingredients (mugwort extract, angelica extract), and it feels moisturizing after bathing.

★ Gunma/Kusatsu: The relaxing aroma of yuzu tea (milky water)
★Saitama/Chichibu: Warm beech wood scent (milk green water)
★ Kyoto/Arashiyama: Scented red maple scent (milk red hot water)
★ Ehime/Dogo: Iyogan's refreshing sweet and sour fragrance (milk orange hot water)
* This product is not a replica of hot spring water.

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