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[Class 2 medicines] タケダHan Convenience Secret Medicine Takeda Han Convenience Secret Medicine 120 Tablets

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【The second category of medical products】TaiケダHan convenient secret medicine

【product details】
●This product is based on the Chinese herbal prescription "Rhubarb Gancao Decoction", which contains the rhubarb ingredient of licorice as the main medicine, and can promote the movement of the large intestine.
●We use "Shinshu Rhubarb" developed by Takeda Pharmaceuticals and cultivated in Japan.
●The effect of Shinshu rhubarb promotes mild defecation.
●Relieves abdominal tension (bloating) and acne caused by constipation.

【Effect or effect】
Constipation Relief of constipation, acne, abnormal intestinal fermentation, hemorrhoids, heavy head, rash, eczema, dermatitis, bloating caused by loss of appetite and other symptoms

4 tablets contain the following ingredients (maximum daily dose for ages 15 and older).
Rhubarb licorice soup extract powder (Kinpo, 26.7% amount) 800mg
[Rhubarb・・・・1067mg of licorice・・extracted from 267mg]
Additives: Silica, Cellulose, Carboxymethyl Cellulose Ca, Magnesium Stearate

<Notes on ingredients and quantities>
(1) Taking this medicine may turn the urine orange or red, but this is caused by rhubarb, so please do not worry.
(2) Since it is a product using crude drugs, the hue of the tablet may vary slightly depending on the product, but the effect will not change.

Take the following doses daily with water or hot water before bedtime, without chewing.
15 years and older: 1 to 3 tablets for mild constipation (when no bowel movements for 2 to 3 days), 2 to 4 tablets for intractable constipation (when no bowel movements for 4 days or more)
5 to 14 years old: 1 and a half tablets for mild constipation (when no bowel movements for 2 to 3 days), 1 to 2 tablets for intractable constipation (when no bowel movements for 4 days or more)
Under 5 years old: do not take

120 pieces

【Manufacturing country】


Manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd.
Raw 薬の「Rhubarb」を主斬に「Licorice」を with the Kampo prescription "Rhubarb Licorice Soup", constipation 斬で, large intestine movement をととのえ natural, near いお通じをpromoting します.
おやすみbefore におのみになると, next day には natural に near いおだやかなお通じが德られます.
Takeda 薬pin が researches on opening し, cultivates し て い る Shinshu rhubarb を with いています.
Licorice が Shinshu rhubarb の role を help け, おだやかな defecation を します.
Constipation う お の Zhang り (abdominal swelling), ふ き で も の な ど も し ま す.
The expiration date of medicinal products
Medical products are not limited to no limit, and the expiration date is more than 1 year. Within 1 year, the expiry date of the product is listed.
Note on use
1. The main medicine is taking the medicine, and the second medicine is taking the laxative medicine (Xiaqing)
2. Breastfeeding の人 は は な い を taking し な い か す る occasions は breast feeding を avoid け る こ と ■ chat す る こと
1. The next person is a doctor before taking it, and a doctor of medicine is a registered seller. Talk to the person who is (1) the doctor's treatment.
(2) Pregnant women または pregnancy していると思われる people.
(3) The weak person of the body (the weak person of physical strength, the weak person of the body).
(4) People with weak stomach and diarrhea.
(5) People with symptoms of times.
はげしい Abdominal pain, vomiting, vomiting
2. After taking, the symptoms of the second time, the possibility of side effects, the possibility of side effects, the immediate use, the discontinuation of the use, the doctor, the doctor, the doctor, the doctor, the contact with the dealer, the contact site: symptoms
Skin: rash Digestive organ: はげしい Abdominal pain with diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, vomiting
3. After taking, the symptoms of the second の が あらわ れる こと が で で で で で で で で で よう よう な の の 続 または 増 増 が ら れ た た は は は は しdiarrhea
4. If you take it for 5 to 6 days, if you take it for 5 to 6 days, if you have symptoms, you should stop taking it.
5. If you have been taking it for more than 1 month, you should talk to a doctor, a doctor, a doctor, and a registered dealer.
constipate. Constipation associated with abdominal distention, blow-out (にきび), abnormal intestinal yeast, hemorrhoids, heavy head, のぼせ, eczema, dermatitis, loss of appetite (loss of appetite).
The amount of the second time is once a day, and before going to bed, take it with water and soup.
[Nian Zong: 軽い constipation (2 to 3 days of bowel movement がないとき): stubborn constipation (more than 4 days of bowel movement がないとき)]
Over 15 years old: 1 to 3 tablets: 2 to 4 tablets
5 years old ~ 14 years old: half tablet ~ 1 tablet Half tablet: 1 tablet ~ 2 tablet
Before 5 years old: Take しないこと ingots and secant lines, and then pass through with をみながら.
Usage related attention (1) Small children take it in the occasion, and the guardian's guidance and supervision will take it.
(2) Usage and dosage
(3) The dosage of the second person should be controlled.
When the body is weak, the people of the month, and the people of the month (4) The first time is the minimum amount of use いること.
(5) The improvement of constipation, the reduction in the amount, and the interval between taking it.
ingredient amount
4 Tablets Ingredient Quantity Neiyu Rhubarb Licorice Soup エキス Powder (Golden Chamber Essentials, 26.7%) 800mg (ダイオウ1068mg, カンゾウ268mg)
Additives anhydrous ケイ acid, セルロース, カルメロースカルシウム (CMC-Ca), マグネシウム
Keep it safe
■ ビン り り に つ い て (1) 小児の手のか な い に す る こと.
(2) After the expiration date has passed, the product has been taken and taken.
■ビン入り品について (1) When the sun shines directly, it is wet, and it is cool.
(2) His container is replaced by えないこと (the reason for misuse is になったりQuality が変わる).
(3)ビンの中の詰め物は,フタをあけた後はすてること(詰め物を再びビンに入れると湿気を含み品質が変わるもとになる。詰め物は,輸送中に錠剤が破損するのをPrevent するためのものである).
(4) Take のつどビンのフタをしっかりしめること (moisture absorption quality が変わる).
(5) Box とビンの「Date of Kaifeng」in the column に, ビンを Kaifeng した日paid を in すること.
(6) After opening it once, the quality is maintained within 6 months of the day of opening.
■Sub-packaged goods (1) Direct sunlight, when it is wet, less, and cool, and it is kept.
(2) 1 sachet should be taken after taking it, and the mouth of the bag should be folded and stored, and it should be taken within 4 days.
consumer talk
Company name: Takeda Shupin Industry Co., Ltd. Address: 〒103-8668 No. 12-10, Nihonbashi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo
Tel: 0120-567087
Payment time: 9:00~17:00
Manufacturing and distribution company Takeda Yashin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Company name: Takeda Yashin Kogyo Co., Ltd. Address: 〒540-8645 No. 1-1, Doshucho 4-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
お ask い 合 わ せ first
おGuest Consultation Room フリーダイヤル:0120-567-0879:00-17:00
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