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Warm Bubble ONPO Kids Desserts 12pcs [Bath Agent]

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【Original name in Japanese】

Hot Soak ONPO Kids スイーツ 12 tablets (4 types × 3 tablets each)

【product description】

A carbonated body wash that allows parents and children to have a pleasant bath time together.
Combined with the scents of strawberry, vanilla, banana and chocolate, you can enjoy the scent of 6 candies.

● You can enjoy the variation of aroma and hot water by mixing your favorite combination.
★ Strawberry scent: pink strawberry water color (transparent)
★ Vanilla fragrance: vanilla white water color (cloudy)
★Banana scent: banana yellow water color (transparent)
★ Chocolate aroma: sweet chocolate water color (cloudy)

● Find your favorite scent! How does the color of the hot water change?
★ Strawberry + Vanilla: Shortbread ★ Banana + Chocolate: Banana Parfait ★ Chocolate + Vanilla: Chocolate Ice ★ Strawberry + Chocolate: Strawberry Chocolate ★ Banana + Strawberry: ?
★ Vanilla + Banana: ?
* There are individual differences in the perception of smell.

● Moisturizing ingredients, shea butter and jojoba oil combination: Gently moisturizes the skin.
● Allergy testing (not everyone is allergic).
* This product is not edible.

【Fragrance】 Strawberry/Vanilla/Banana/Chocolate Fragrance

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