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【Quaternary medicines】Anpanman medicinal bubble bath agent bottle 300ml

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【Original name in Japanese】

【Quaternary medicines】Anpanman's bathing agent 300mL 【Bathing agent】

【product description】
Super cute Anpanman bath salts♪
If you don't like bathing, this is sure to make your shower fun!
● Fruity soap scent with mugwort extract, a natural moisturizing ingredient.
● Please use it like normal bath salts.
● Because it is a medicine, children can use it with confidence.
● Measures to prevent poor blood circulation due to the influence of hot water baths.
● Prevents itching caused by dryness.
● For the prevention of prickly heat and acne.
● 1 time 15 times.

Roughness, acne, eczema, chapped, prickly heat, rash, frostbite, fatigue recovery, stiff shoulders, low back pain, rheumatism, neuralgia, bruises, wrinkles, hemorrhoids, colds, prenatal and postnatal colds

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