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【External medicines】Warm bubble carbonated soup foaming bath agent citrus grapefruit 12 tablets

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【Original name in Japanese】

[Quaternary medicines] Warm bubble bath and charcoal sour soup ぜいたく citrus grapefruit 12 tablets into the bath 【bath】

【product description】

Extremely melting soup ♪
After the bath, the warm feeling continues.

● Relieve day's fatigue Hot spring ingredients (sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, etc.) and carbon dioxide enhance the effect of warm bath, promote blood circulation, are effective for stiff shoulders, low back pain, poor blood circulation, and relieve fatigue of the day.

<Four citrus yuzu scents that inspire yuzu>
● Iyo orange fragrance♪
Warm white hot water color (nigori)
The aroma of freshly picked yuzu and Iyokan is full of juice. A fresh scent that hydrates your mood.
●Sour citron fragrance ♪
White-green hot water color (nigori)
Slightly youthful sourness and refreshing yuzu citrus aroma. An uplifting scent to refresh your mood.
●Scent of mandarin citron ♪
White-yellow hot water color (nigori)
Aromas of ripe oranges and sweet and sour grapefruit. A fragrance that feels soothing and warm.
Kumquat fragrance♪
Warm white hot water color (nigori)
Aromas of fresh kumquat and sweet grapefruit. A soothing fragrance to calm you down.

Fatigue recovery, prickly heat, rash, acne, chapped, rash, frostbite, roughness, bruises, wrinkles, stiff shoulders, neuralgia, rheumatism, low back pain, poor blood circulation, hemorrhoids, colds before and after childbirth

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