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Mentholatum High Moisture Lip Balm SPF25 PA+++ 2.4g

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【Product Description】
"Menthoretum High Moisture Lip Balm Fragrance Free" uses "Moist Bank Technology" to retain moisture by reacting with moisture in the lips and the air instead of creams. Unprecedented soft and smooth application that melts the cream. In just one application, it melts at body temperature and blends into your lips, protecting them with the highest level of moisture*.
UV protection (SPF25 / PA +++). Contains squalane and polyceramides* as moisturizing ingredients.
Fragrance free. Lips have no color.
Recommended for a variety of occasions such as offices where dryness is a concern, going out on a cold day, lipstick primer, days when repainting is difficult.
*: In Mentholatum Lip Collection
*: Ceramide 2, Ceramide 3, Ceramide 6II

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