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Japan FANCL FANCL Slimming Heat Control Tablets 90 Capsules / Bag

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ファンケルFANCL カロリミット about 30 times slimming heat control tablets 90 capsules

Commodity information

Japan's first health product! Functional foods that inhibit the absorption of sugar and fat in the diet.
Since it can be ingested up to 3 times a day, it supports various scenarios from breakfast to sweets time.

●Each time: 3 tablets ●Allergen: Crab
<Note> *Do not consume if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have a child.
*If you are on medication, hospitalized, or have diabetes, please consult your doctor before taking.

【raw material】
Mulberry Leaf Extract Powder (Mulberry Leaf Extract, Starch Decomposition Products), Green Tea Extract, Chitosan, Starch, Spoon Gym Vine Extract, Mung Bean Extract, Cellulose, Cyclic Oligosaccharides, Calcium Stearate, clove

●Functional ingredients / 3 tablespoons per serving Phaseolamine: 0.29 mg *spoon Gym vine acid 9.4 mg is spoon gym vine extract 67 mg, mulberry leaf extract 200 mg contains mulberry leaf-derived imino sugar 0.2 mg, pigeon dragon green tea extract 200 mg contains table Stony acid 14 mg, mung bean extract contains 0.29 mg phaseolin 4.8 mg.

Storage and Handling Precautions (1) Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
(2) Please keep it out of the reach of children.
(3) Do not put it in another container. (This may lead to misuse or altered quality).
(4) Do not use the product after the expiration date. Please use it as soon as possible after opening, even within the expiration date. (maintain quality)

※Japanese products are frequently updated. If you receive a product that does not match the detailed picture, please refer to the actual product you received. In addition, after cross-border long-distance transportation, the outer packaging of the product may appear indentation, micro-damage, seal (if any) detachment, and the date of printing may be worn due to scratches and collisions, but it usually does not affect the quality of the product.