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Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Armpit Sweat Absorbent, Antiperspirant and Deodorant Stickers 40 White

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【product description】
● About 1mm 3-layer water absorption structure
Asewaki Pad Riff is a three-layer construction patch that absorbs a lot of sweat.
● Smooth and fluffy uneven surface
Asewaki Pad Riff is a surface sheet with irregularities that give it a fluffy texture. Forms an air cushion between the skin and the seat. Even after wearing it for a day, it is always soft and silky!
● Dotted glue is not easy to peel off
Asewaki Pad Riff uses spot glue to keep it from falling off. By creating the proper gap between the glues, the clothes won't fall off even as they expand and contract, and they'll fit snugly, preventing twisting and peeling. In addition, the clothes are not easily damaged when peeled off.
* Some clothes may fall off easily or fibers may be easily damaged.
● Ionic deodorant prevents sweat odor
Asewaki Pads Riff deodorant ingredient (zinc oxide) ions prevent sweat odor. So even if you wear it for a day, you won't notice its smell.
Kobayashi Pharmaceutical

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