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Glico Lactobacillus Cream Sandwich Biscuits Fermented Cream Fragrance 15 Pieces

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【Product Description】
A fragrant biscuit made with fermented butter, filled with cream and vanilla bean seeds. Since the cookies use fermented butter, they are simple and delicious cookies that melt in your mouth.
【Raw material name】
Wheat flour (domestic), sugar, shortening, whole milk powder, vegetable oil, fermented butter, lactose, inulin, salt, buttermilk powder, wheat protein, lactic acid bacteria, vanilla bean seeds/calcium carbonate, bulking agent, emulsifier, Flavor, seasoning (amino acid), V.B1, V.B2, VD, (some include milk and wheat)
【nutrient content】
1 pack (standard 20.55g) Protein 1.4g Lipid 4.9g Carbohydrate 13.4g Sugar 12.8g Dietary Fiber 0.63g Salt Equivalent 0.19g Calcium 116mg Vitamin B1 0.080mg Vitamin B2 0.10mg Vitamin D 0.60μg
【Allergic substances】
Milk Ingredients/Wheat

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