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ORCHID Acne Prevention Enzyme Smear Mask One Pack

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A total of more than 8 million super-popular, super-long-lived (more than 60 years) products have been sold. Using the principle of enzymes to decompose proteins, it can clean the dirt in the pores and the aging keratin that the facial cleanser cannot clean. Makes skin more transparent. Prevent acne, maintain skin suppleness and more.
Since the activity of the enzyme will become weaker when it comes into contact with water, the enzyme powder and the mask cream are packaged separately, and they are stirred when used to ensure the freshest state when used.

After cleansing, apply the blended mask to the face.
Pay attention to the thickness of the smear, just can't see the skin, too thin will affect the effect.

Use time▼
Oily skin: 10 minutes Normal skin: 7-8 minutes Dry skin: 5-6 minutes Sensitive skin: 3-4 minutes

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