Management of store sales business

(1) Photo of the store

( 2) Classification of licenses

shop sales

(3) Items described in the license

Founder's name

Fukuwa Raku Co., Ltd.

shop name



2-1-8, Anji River, Nishi-ku, Osaka

License number

No. 21V00016 _

valid period

Reiwa 3 June 17

~Reiwa, June 16, 2009

(4) The name of the store manager

Hashimoto good history

(5) The surname and the name of the qualified person

Hashimoto Yuki (registered seller)

Talking about medical products, and the service of the salesperson who is responsible for the production of the lotus

(6) Distinguish between general medicinal products

Designated Category 2 Medicines, Category 2 Medicines, Category 3 Medicines

Shortest expiry date について

When the store sells medical products, the shortest expiry date is more than 1 year.

(7) Explanation of the difference between those who are on duty and those who are on duty

Registered seller は Baiyi's name is Saka's name and "registered seller" and records

そのother's servant's name, に's name, and び "General

スタッフ" and records

(8) Business hours of the store

moon day か ら golden day

10 o'clock, 19 o'clock, business

(9) インターネットでの Notes payment time

24 hours

(10) Goods について

1. It is possible to purchase from a store that sells goods at a store.
2. When サイトでは medical products other than general medical products are sold and sold.

[Medical medicine product に close し て の お ask い 合 わ せ]


Login to the seller: Hashimoto Yuki

TEL : 06-7709-1698 ( 10 :00 19:00/ Saturday holiday)

Emergency contact number: 06 6537 9918