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POLA WHITE SHOT Essence of Curd RXS 50g

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【Product Description】

◆ Using POLA's original complex ingredient tranexamic acid RXS (active ingredient tranexamic acid, beauty ingredient trillium extract, hawthorn extract) to prevent rough skin and achieve clear skin.

◆ Pay attention to skin glycation
Contains POLA's original beauty ingredients YAC extract and EG clear extract.

◆ Supports radiant skin
Formulated with POLA's original complex beauty ingredient, Extra SC Liquid.

◆ Improve skin transparency
Using POLA's original complex beauty ingredient mA clear extract.

◆ Support clear and translucent makeup
NEW POLA's original complex ingredient PCE-DPEX (whitening active ingredient PCE-DP and beauty ingredients lily extract, bilberry leaf extract) is mixed.

Skin beauty active ingredient PCE-DP

In 2018, Pola's original whitening active ingredient was approved in Japan for the first time in about 10 years. PCE-DP increases epidermal cell energy, promotes cell renewal, inhibits melanin accumulation, and prevents age spots and freckles.

The efficacy of the active whitening ingredient "PCE-DP" has been recognized

Whitening: Inhibit melanin accumulation, prevent dark spots and freckles
Beyond Whitening: Prevents Rough Skin

The advanced "RXS Shield Delivery Formula" is designed to protect the skin from sudden changes in skin temperature.

This time, POLA's original high water content water-in-oil formula is used to form a protective film while transporting moisture to the skin. In addition, it delivers moisture containing beauty ingredients to the skin and protects hydrated skin with a protective layer.

SXS injection dosing prescription

A new "thermal shielding design" is adopted:
Since water is inherently difficult to heat and cool, our goal is to protect the skin from sudden changes in skin temperature even in environments with rapidly changing temperatures by maintaining moisture on the skin's surface and within the stratum corneum.

Thermal shielding design


After the lotion, use the following amounts, Apply to 5 o'clock on the face (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin), from the inside out, and gently spread on your face.

Approximate usage

◇This product is in liquid form, please hold the refill container and slowly open the seal to prevent the contents from overflowing.
◇There is a case where a transparent liquid (emollient ingredient) comes out, which is a normal phenomenon

※Japanese products are frequently updated. If you receive a product that does not match the detailed picture, please refer to the actual product you received. In addition, after cross-border long-distance transportation, the outer packaging of the product may appear indentation, micro-damage, seal (if any) detachment, and wear of the date of printing due to scratches and collisions, but usually does not affect the quality of the product.