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【Class 2 medicines】 ロートリセb Lycee eye drops 8ml/bottle

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【Class 2 medical products】Roto Co., Ltd. ( 8ml )/ ロートリセ

【Product desciption】
super popular Rohto eye drops! !

Lycee eye drops are added with the highest concentration * of tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride, an active ingredient that eliminates redness in the eyes, which can relieve eye congestion and reproduce clear eyes. It can also effectively improve the UV damage caused by eye congestion, eye itching and other problems.

Lycee eye drops are pink because they contain vitamin B12.
This ingredient can not only provide nutrition for the eyes, but also improve the adjustment function of the ciliary muscle of the eyes.
It feels cool and refreshing with a rose scent.

* The highest concentration in Japan's "General Ophthalmic Drug Manufacturing Acceptance Standards"

【Function and effect
It is suitable for conjunctival hyperemia, eye itching, eye fatigue, prevention of eye diseases (such as use when dust or sweat gets into the eyes after swimming), discomfort when wearing hard contact lenses, eye inflammation caused by ultraviolet light or other light, blepharitis, blurred vision

1 to 3 drops at a time, 5 to 6 times a day.


リニューアルににい, パッケージ, and content, etc., will be notified when it comes to changing occasions. To め ご 䁏 だ さ い.

Commodity classification: the second category of medical products

【Product details of ロートリセb】
●eye congestion, tired eyes
●いつでも, どこでも, スムーズにできるフリーアングルノズル
「リセ」したい, really にアイケアできて, とってもです. Free な angle で eye point OK!

【Effective effect】

・Conjunctival hyperemia, eye fatigue, eye disease prevention Inflammation (Snow eyes), blepharitis (まぶたのただれ), 目のかすみ (目やにの多いときなど)

・1 to 3 drops per time, 5 to 6 times a day for eye application.
★Usage and dosage are related and careful
・Excessive use, abnormal use, abnormal feeling, and hyperemia. Usage and dosage.
・Use させる には in the case of 小児に, and use させてください for the guidance and supervision of the protector.
・Contamination and foreign matter contamination (the cause of contamination and foreign matter mixing, etc.).また, turbid したものは use しないでください.
・ソフトコンタクトレンズを use しないでください with したまま.
・Use してください for eye drops.


Sour acid テトラヒドロゾリン: 0.05%
ビタミンB12: 0.006%
コンドロイチン Sulfuric acid エステルナトリウム: 0.5%
Sulfuric acid and lead water and compound: 0.1%
Crohn's Acid: 0.01%
L-Aspurakon Acid Karimu: 1%
Additives として, ホウacid, L-メントール, d-カンフル, ベルガモット oil, ゲラニオール, ヒプロメロース, クロロブタノール, ヒアルロンacid Na, ポリソルベート80, pH adjuster.

★Note on use
(Talk about すること)
・The second person is to talk to the doctor and the doctor before using it.
(1) Physician's treatment
(2) こしたことがある
(3) People with secondary symptoms
は げ し い し の pain
(4) The person who received the diagnosis of the second time
・After use, secondary symptoms, occasions, the possibility of side effects, direct use, discontinuation, instruction manual, doctor, doctor, and registered dealer, please talk to the dealer.
(Relationship part: symptom)
Skin: rash, redness, かゆみ
Eyes: congestion, かゆみ, はれ, しみてache
・In the next occasion, you can use it, stop it, and talk to a doctor, a doctor, a doctor, and a registered dealer.
(1) To improve the situation of the eyes
(2) Use for 5 to 6 days in the event of symptoms and symptoms
★Caution on storage and retrieval
・When direct sunlight is cool, it is safe to keep it. The quality is maintained, and the automatic heating equipment in the car is close to the place where the temperature is high (40 degrees or more). Active ingredient のビタミンB12 (ピンク color) は light に あ た る と decomposition し て fading し ま す. After use, please keep it safe.
・Children's hands are kept at the place where they are kept.
・His container is replaced by えないでください. (Causes of misuse になったりQuality が変わる)
・His own person and shared しないでください.
・The expiry date (indicated on the outer box) is used after the product has passed.なお, within the expiry date, であっても であっても した は, storage and fetching に従い, 1~2 months, をてにご, use ください.
・The state of preservation, and the inner side of the container of the crystal of the ingredients are.その occasion にはcleaning なガーゼ etc. で軽くふきとってご use ください.
・Use しないでください for containers.