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【Designated Class 2 medicinal products】Purebalin α ointment 15g Purebalin dermatitis and eczema ointment 15g

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【Designated Class 2 Medicines】Palabarin Alpha Ointment 15g

【Function effect】

Eczema, Dermatitis, Rash, Itching, Bug Bites, Hives

Apply an appropriate amount to the affected area several times a day

【Ingredient content】100g

Prednisolone valerate acetate・・・・・ 0.15g
Vitamin E Acetate...0.5g
Isopropylmethylphenol 0.1g

Designated category 2 medical products, please note (contraindication) on the use of medical products, please confirm ください. Log in to the seller, にご chat, ください.


プレバリンα ointment, high anti-inflammatory effect on the skin surface, high absorption in the body, low activity and low activity.さらにかゆみ・Pain みを restraint For the protection of the affected area, use the base material to protect the affected area.

●Antadoraッグ that the affected area is effective, and the body is less active
High anti-inflammatory effect on the affected part of the skin surface, low activity and low activity

●Effectiveness and effect
しっしん, skin inflammation, ただれ, あせも, かぶれ, かゆみ, worms, じんましん

●Usage and Dosage Several times a day, apply an appropriate amount to the affected area.

<Usage and dosage are related to the attention>
(1) In the case of small children using させる には, the guardian's guidance and supervision no もとに use させてください.
(2) に入らないように Attention してください. Just in case, に 入 っ た occasions に は, す ぐ に water and は ぬ る ま soup で wash っ て く だ さい.な お, the symptoms are heavy, the occasion is に は, the ophthalmologist's diagnosis and treatment を Receive け て く だ さ い.
(3) Use してください for external use.
(4) After the application of the present invention, the affected area will not be covered with air.

●Ingredients・Amount 100g of プレドニゾロンエステルエステル・・・・・・・0.15g
ビタミンE acetic acid エステル・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・0.5g

Additives: ステアリルアルコール, セタノール, white ワセリン, パルミチンacid イソプロピル, flow パラフィン

※Caution for storage and taking care of ※
(1) When the sun shines, it is safe to keep it in the place where the sun shines.
(2) 小児の手のとどかないににしてください.
(3) His container is れかえないでください. (The reason for misuse is になったりQuality が変わることがあります.)
(4) Use only after the expiration date of the product has passed.

(Shou ら な い と の Symptoms が 悪 Hua し た り, side effects が こ り や す く な り ま す)
1. In the second part, use しないでください (1) chicken pox (水ぼうそう), みずむし・たむし, etc. and purulent している affected part (2) the surrounding area of the eyes, mucous membranes (such as えば, lips, etc.).
2. 3. Use しないでください 3. Long-term use しないでください

※Talk about すること※
1. The second person is a doctor before using it, and the pharmacist is a registered seller again to talk about it.
(2) Pregnant women are pregnant again.
(3) People who have symptoms of こしたことがある
(4) The person who is in the affected area.
(5) Wet やただれのひどい people.
2. After use, the symptoms of the second time, the possibility of side effects, the possibility of side effects, the discontinuation of the use, the doctor, the doctor, the doctor, and the registered dealer.

[Relationship Site] [Symptoms]
Skin: rash, redness, skin (affected area): white ringworm, rash, purulent symptoms, persistent irritation, etc. 3.5 to 6 days of useを suspend し, この document を っ て doctor, 喬 剤 Shi and は log in the dealer に chat し て く だ さ い