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POLA POLA Fat Loss Pills Body Pills 180 Capsules/Box

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POLA POLA Fat Loss Pills Body Pills 180 Capsules/Box

【Product Description】
Keeps the body soft and beautiful.
Take 2 tablets a day, you can make the body not too tight. In addition to POLA's original ingredient "BRP triple extract", VB1, VB2 and VB6 are also mixed as nutritional functional foods. We support women who want to live better, more fulfilling lives by drawing an upward curve.

Extracts from three plants: "Banaba" and "Palo Assle", of which "Banaba" is popular in Southeast Asia, "Maca" as a healthy material, and "Palo Assle" as a healthy material.

Take two capsules a day, without chewing, with water.

【Notes on use】
After opening, please seal the opening tightly.
Except when taking it, do not touch it with your hands.
When using in a container with low airtightness (such as a small box that you carry with you), avoid high temperature and high humidity, and consume it as soon as possible.
If you have food allergies, please refer to the raw materials.
In rare cases, depending on your physique and physical condition, it may not be suitable. In this case, please cancel taking.
If you are taking medication, going to the hospital, pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before taking.
Balance your diet based on main meals, main dishes, and side dishes.
Keep out of reach of children.

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