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【Class 2 medicines】NIHIBAN ロイヒクリームフェルビNICHIBAN Instant Pain Relief and Anti-Inflammatory Liquid 80g

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【Class 2 medical products】ニチバンロイヒクリームフェルビ 80g

【Product desciption】

Analgesic and anti-inflammatory 3% Felbinac formula, stainless steel ball massage roller design, the effect of the medicine instantly reaches the source of pain, hot and warm sensation stimulates, quickly promotes blood circulation, and eliminates fatigue.

【Function effect】
Shoulder pain, low back pain, arthralgia, muscle pain, bruises, sprains, tendonitis (pain and swelling of hands, wrists, ankles), elbow pain (tennis elbow, etc.), accompanied by stiff shoulders

Apply an appropriate amount to the affected area 2 to 4 times a day.


Product features

クリーム剤chu のロールオンタイプです.
3つのステンレスボール function is a simple shoulder.
のびの良いクリームなのでliquid だれせずに広fan 囲にpainted れる.
たっぷり える Large capacity 80g.

Ingredient / Amount

Active ingredient (in 100g)
・フェルビナク: 3.0g ・lmentoru: 3.0g
1. 3 − ゴ ン ゴ リ ゴ ー ル, ミ リ ス チ ン ソプロピ イ ソプロピ ル, ト リ ソオ ク タ ン グ リ グ リ セ リ ン, ト リ ミ ー ル ア ミ ン, モノ ス テ ア リ ン グ リ ン, ス テ ア リ ン ポ リ オキシ ル, セタノ セタノ ー ル ポ ル ポ リ シロキサ ン, ジメチ プロピ ル パ ラ ベ ン, spices (spicesノニル acid (ワニリルアミド) を contains します.

Efficiency and effect

Shoulder pain, low back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, fluttering, contusion, tenosynovitis

Usage and dosage

2 times a day, 4 times, and an appropriate amount on the affected area.
How to use and dosage
(2) に入らないようご Attention ください. In case, the eyes are immersed in the occasion, に は, す ぐ に water and は ぬ る ま soup で wash っ て く だ さい.
なお, when the symptoms are severe, the ophthalmologist's diagnosis and treatment is the case.
(3) Use してください for external use.
(4) After rubbing, the affected part of the affected area, such as をラップフィルム, etc., has a good circulation.
(5) Hot するもの (コタツ, ホットカーペット, カイロ, electric wool cloth, etc.) and combined use of しますと, stimulation が strong く な る こ が あ り ま す の で, ご attention く だ さい.
※When sweating, when you are in the bath, you can feel irritation, pain, and heat.
Symptoms of が が は は, stone け ん, etc. で で い す and ease し ま す.また、Use ください after 30 minutes or more after taking a bath.

Notes on use

1. The second person uses しないでください.
(1) Symptoms of this medicine (such as rash, redness, かゆみ, かぶれ, etc.)
(2) ぜ ん そ く を こ し た こと が あ る people.
(3) Pregnant women are pregnant again.
(4) 15-year-old child.
2. Use しないでください for the second part.
(1) The perimeter of the eyes, mucous membranes, etc.
(2) Eczema, かぶれ, キズぐち.
(3) みずみし・たむし, etc., and the affected part is purulent again.

Use the chat point above

1. The second person is to talk to the doctor, the doctor and the registered dealer before using it.
(1) Physician's treatment is the person who receives it.
(2) People who have symptoms such as cosmetic products such as によりアレルギー.
2. After use, the symptoms and occasions, the possibility of side effects, the possibility of side effects, the discontinuation of use, the instruction manual, the doctor, the doctor, and the registered dealer, please talk to the seller.
【Relationship site: Symptoms】
Skin: rash, redness, はれ, かゆみ, ヒリヒリ sense, かぶれ, blisters, etc.その occasion は Straight ち に Physician's diagnosis and treatment
【Name of symptom: symptom】
ショック (アナフィラキシー): After use, すぐに, ふのかゆみ, じんましん, sound のかすれ, くしゃ㌁, のどのかゆみ, breath bitterness, palpitation, turbidity of consciousness, etc.
3. Use during the 5th day and the 6th day to improve the symptoms. In the case of use, please stop using it, and the instruction manual should be consulted with the registered seller.

Precautions for storage and retrieval

2. Direct sunlight を さ け, な る べ く wet 気 の less な い cool し い に し て く だ さ い.
3. Misuse of をさけ, quality を maintenance するため, は yuan no bag で after opening, チャックをしっかりしめてしてください.
4. Keep the products in the middle of the store

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