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Labo Labo Pore Cleansing Facial Wash 120g

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【Product Description】
Intensive foam washes away blackheads

Contains amino acid-based cleansing ingredients*1. Cleanser with dense foam to remove dirt from the back of pores.

Soft, creamy bouncy foam washes away dirt from the back of pores without straining skin. Melts stubborn keratin plugs and roughness, leaving your skin smooth and soft. It tightens bare skin and gives a moist and smooth finish.

◆Natural charcoal Japanese bamboo charcoal *2 and Okinawa natural clay *3
The fine particles hold onto the dirt in the back of the pores. Removes excess sebum and dirt that cause pores to darken, leaving skin smooth.

◆ The exfoliating effect of dissolving old keratin and keratin plugs contains lactic acid*4, malic acid*4, papain*4 to remove dead skin cells and dead skin cells, leaving skin smooth and soft.

◆ Contains 4 types of pore care ingredients (skin conditioning ingredients) that tighten the skin
Numbria berry extract Arch choke leaf extract Witch hazel leaf extract Cress sprout extract

◆ Contains royal jelly acid to inhibit sebum secretion and smooth skin texture

◆ Contains moisturizing ingredients, does not feel tight and leaves the skin hydrated

Contains high amounts of Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Lipidure (R)*5 and moisturizing ingredients to leave your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.
Fragrance-free, color-free, mineral oil-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free

Allergy tested (not everyone is allergic)

* 1 Sodium Cocoyl Methyl Taurine (Cleansing Ingredient) * 2 Charcoal (Cleansing Ingredient) * 3 Sea Mud (Cleansing Ingredient) * 4 Skin Conditioning Ingredient* 5 Polyquaternium-51

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