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[Class 2 medicines] KOBAYASHI Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Visrrat Gold-b Metabolism-Boosting Abdominal Fat-Reducing Pills 280 Capsules/Bottle

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KOBAYASHI Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Visrrat Gold-b Improve Metabolism Abdominal Fat Loss Pills 280 Capsules/Bottle

【Function effect】

Physical strength, pain from the flank to epigastric and a tendency to constipation, resulting in the following symptoms:
Obesity, habitual constipation, stiff shoulders/headache/constipation associated with hypertension and obesity, gastritis, neurosis

【Ingredient content】 (Daily dose: 10 tablets)
Daisaikoto extract (1/2 amount) 2.0g
Psycho 3.0g
Hangame 2.0g Ginger 0.5g Ogon 1.5g
Peony 1.5g
Tai Shou 1.5g
Kijitsu 1.0g rhubarb 0.5g

Contains Silicic Anhydride, Aluminum Silicate, CMC-Ca, Magnesium Stearate and Corn Starch as additives.
As this product uses natural products (herbs), the color of the tablets may vary slightly.


Adults (over 15 years old) take 5 tablets twice a day with water or lukewarm water before or between meals
Precautions regarding usage/dosing are prohibited under 15 years old (1) Strictly follow the prescribed usage and dosage (2) Since it absorbs moisture easily, tighten the cap every time you remove it.
Mealtime means "between meals", which means about 2 to 3 hours after a meal

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