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K-Palette TATOO 24H Perfect Lasting Liquid Eyeliner (Queen of Oil) Soft Black

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【Product Description】
Color: SFB Soft Black

4 Reasons The World Is Loved Point 1
Does not fade*1
With our unique High Adhesion Retention formula it is super waterproof, water, sweat, sebum and friction resistant. However, you can easily rinse it off with lukewarm water.
*1 Based on our research. There are actually individual differences.

Point 2
Easy to draw Ultra-fine brush type with sturdy tip.
It has great flexibility and stability so you can draw any line without blurring.

Point 3
High Color Rendering High color rendering can be achieved in one drawing. It does not contain water and does not fade easily.
Achieves dense color development with fine density without color unevenness.

Point 4
Contains beauty ingredients*2
Contains carefully selected beauty ingredients.
Take care of your eyes and lashes when applying makeup.
* 2 Water-soluble collagen/japonica rice extract (all moisturizing ingredients)

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