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FANCL AND MIRAI Sunscreen Cream SPF50+・PA++++

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【Product Description】

Sunscreen (for face and body)
In today's society, there are not only SPF/PA values, but also various types of skin damage. 3 kinds of white skin beauty heritage ingredients adjust the texture and completely eliminate UV damage from the gaps. The mineral-rich Kurokawa hot spring water, the source of beautiful skin, and the four natural ingredients of Coix seed extract, hyaluronic acid, and cherry blossom fermented charging extract are mixed together to moisturize the skin. Because it is prescription-free, it can be used regardless of skin type, and it can also be well blocked from external stimuli such as blue light and pollen. The jelly-like feel is light and does not float. SPF/PA is also the highest value commercial sunscreen in China)
Hairstyle, Reiki Care > Sunscreen, Antiperspirant > Sunscreen > Sunscreen (for both face and body) [Amount of usage criteria] Face: 1 point of pearls / Arms: 4 points of pearls Changes in "product packaging", "container design", and "product specifications" without prior notice may result in differences between the delivered product and the published images or product information.
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