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Dr-Ci-Labo-Enrich-Lift EX Anti-Aging Eye Cream 15g

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【Product Description】

Enrich-Lift EX Eye Cream 15g
Golden Firming Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream for about 1 month

The eyes are very able to influence the visual impression of age. Tired, godless eyes can make you look 10+ years older. Attention to eye care is very important.

Dr. Shirono's eye cream focuses on the compound formula of beauty ingredients, improves the elasticity and moisture of the eye area, and makes you look menopausal.
●Beautifuleye and Gold Collagen EX (skin conditioning ingredients) firm the eyes.
●Complex Eyes (skin conditioning ingredient) tightens and prepares the skin.
●Meadowfoam oil and other moisturizing ingredients retain moisture and prevent it from drying out.

Once in the morning and evening, squeeze out the size of a grain of rice, directly massage the upper eyelid with the metal head, let the eye cream absorb, and use the same amount for the lower eyelid.
Be careful to massage slowly. Too fast and too much friction.
※People with metal allergies should not use it.
Metal Head Material: Palladium Alloy

【Raw material name】

【nutrient content】

【Allergic substances】

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