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COVERMARK magic cream foundation has 11 shades of SPF33/PA+++

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【Product Description】
※This product is only for foundation core, powder box and powder puff are sold separately.

When out of stock, it will take about ten working days to adjust the goods. Please understand before placing an order.

#Efficient waterproof and sweatproof
Combined with volatile oils, it instantly adheres to the skin. Naturally cover dark spots and freckles, maintaining a beautiful makeup effect all day long.


feature of product:
1. It is 0.2 micron ultra-fine particle powder, which naturally covers dark spots and freckles and effectively improves the appearance of dull skin.
2. Contains 6 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine ingredients, which can effectively moisturize the skin. Gently give moisture to fragile dry skin and restore fine lines (Ganoderma lucidum, angelica, ginseng, aloe vera, barley).
3. High-efficiency waterproof and anti-sweat function, maintain a natural makeup effect all day long. Combined with volatile oil, it is spread thinly on the skin and immediately adheres to the skin. The mesh structure allows the skin to breathe freely,
It will not feel stuffy after prolonged use.
4. Under the dual effect of UV protection agent and UV scattering agent, it can effectively prevent sun damage. (SPF33/PA+++)
5. No added fragrance

1. Use in the morning, before use, evenly apply the isolation product suitable for your skin type on the whole face.
2. Dip an appropriate amount of foundation with a special sponge, and spread the foundation thinly on the face in the following order. Cheeks → forehead → nose → chin.
3. For the parts that need special strengthening, you can gently press the foundation with your fingers. The areas around the eyes, the sides of the bridge of the nose, and the hairline are easy to remove makeup, so a thin layer is sufficient.
4. Put a little powder behind the foundation to make the makeup look more translucent. And it's easier to take off makeup.
It is recommended to use a wet sponge if you feel it is too dry and difficult to push.

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