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COVERMARK Herbal Color Correcting Foundation Bottle/Tube

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【Product Description】

The bottle is a 30g glass bottle.

The tube is 20g.

★W white, brightened. I bought it and felt that the color was too dark, so I could buy it to color it.
N10, N20---Limited colors for bottled. If you don't know whether you are Y or B, you can consider choosing N color. The color is a bit more pinkish.

Fixed color:

カバーマーク <ジャスミーカラー>エッセンス ファンデーション リキッド new products by comsme|ラクマ

Covermark's unique theory of skin color development ----- <JUSME COLOUR> theory, to create a foundation that will not dull the foundation over time.

There are also powder and liquid foundation versions in this collection.

Color number judgment method:

Super ロングセラー<ジャスミーカラー>エッセンスファンセンセンスファンデーションのsecret is released! ! | Adult キレイSalon

1. Contains persistent molecular particles that absorb oil and inhibit oil secretion. It can solve the dual problems of oily and dry (outer oil and inner dry) at the same time, and keep dry continuously.
2. 100% herbal essence replaces distilled water to effectively lock in water.
3. For dry skin caused by abnormal daily routine and lack of sleep, the foundation can still be applied as smoothly as a silk surface, and it is completely close to the skin after application, and it can also have a long-lasting moist skin feeling.
4. The W/O formulation of volatile oil can effectively improve the durability of makeup effect.
5. Herbal essence specially formulated for dry skin.
7. No added fragrance.

1. After applying the base cream.
2. Use a special scoop to scoop an appropriate amount of foundation onto the special sponge, and spread evenly on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin with the sponge.
(The direct agent in the tube can be placed on a cotton pad)
3. Press the powder to set the makeup. (If you need to use concealer separately, please use it after powder and before setting makeup)
4. Remember to close the bottle cap tightly after use.

Dedicated puff:

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