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COVERMARK Herbal Light Brightening Cream B/Y SPF38/PA+++

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【Product Description】

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# Pores are invisible, smooth and delicate, lasting and bright

If you use the B color foundation of the <JUSME COLOR> herbal foundation series, use the B color, and the Y color use the Y color.

The tone composition based on the theory of <JUSME COLOR> achieves a beautifying effect on the skin. A base cream that adjusts unevenness to smooth skin and lasts for makeup.

1. Skin design based on COVERMARK's unique theory.

2. "Smooth and Adherent Powder" makes the unevenness and texture of the skin pores soft and smooth, perfectly blends into the skin, and gives the skin a moderate sense of brightness.

3. The soft focus effect of "Bright Ball Powder" can adjust the different color differences due to large pores and texture texture shadows. Even if oil is secreted, the powder will not become transparent due to oil absorption, and the soft light focusing effect will last.

4. "Grease-coated powder" absorbs excess oil and uses the absorbed oil to create a protective film to prevent oily makeup and makeup.

5. With plant extracts (moisturizing ingredients).

6. Reduce skin damage from UV rays. (SPF38/PA+++)

7. No artificial fragrance.


1. After washing your face, adjust your skin with toner and lotion or serum.

2. Take an appropriate amount (the size of a pearl), tap on each of the 5 parts of the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, and push it gently and evenly.

3. After fully blending into the whole face, use foundation.

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