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COVERMARK Crimson Glow Lipstick

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【Product Description】

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COVERMARK Crimson Glitter Lipstick【Total 6 Colors】
85% of the ingredients of beauty essence, it can develop long-lasting color in any occasion.
The ultimate lipstick that can achieve "gloss, color, and moisture" in one go.

※Note: The moisturizing lipstick is soft and easy to break. It should not be turned too much when using it. It is recommended to use a lipstick brush of about 2mm.


1. Give the lipstick a new position - not only color the lips, but also brighten the complexion of the face and add extra points to the makeup.

2. The original "muscle tone theory" and "color design" can show a vibrant and natural good complexion.

3. The exclusive "double-layer color rendering principle" allows the color of the lips to blend with the skin, making the overall complexion look bright and shiny.

4. Maintain natural luster and moisture for a long time.

5. The lips are supple and plump - rich in 9 kinds of selected plant extracts and beauty and maintenance ingredients such as squalene and ceramide, so that the lip lines caused by dryness are no longer obvious, and the lips are full and supple plump state.
* Plant Extracts: Arnica, Forsythia, Chamomile, Linden, Chinese Fir, Sage, St. John's Wort, Mallow, Calendula.

Recommended products to use with:

COVERMARK lipstick brush
COVERMARK lip liner (pencil) 3 colors in total
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