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COVERMARK 3 colors

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【Product Description】

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Compressed compact powder for water muscle powder / loose powder core. It is not easy to fly powder when taking it.
※This product is only for powder core, the box is sold separately.

3 colors in total
P (Pink): Shows a gorgeous and bright finish.
N (Natural): Shows a natural and bright finish.
V (purple): prevent dullness

It completely floats on the skin, absorbs excess oil, and at the same time provides moisturization to the skin, adheres to the skin, absorbs excess oil, and makes the makeup more durable, delicate and smooth.
Ultra-fine powder with high-density moisturizing molecules.

1. Microparticle powder containing various moisturizing ingredients, which is completely adherent to the skin. Absorbs excess oil from liquid foundation, effectively preventing makeup from falling off, while moisturizing the skin.
2. After use, it will show a delicate and clean skin without oily shine, showing the ceramic skin feeling of soft water and water.
3. With moisturizing as the appeal, it does not affect the original color of the liquid foundation at all. Even after prolonged testing, the skin's translucent texture is maintained.

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