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Calypso Magic Multi-Purpose Concealer 6g for any skin tone (yellow cream)

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The cumulative total for the series has exceeded 2.7 million! !!
The popular popular "Calypso Magic Concealer" is updated and released,

1st place in 3 categories including the Rakuten Market Concealer category! #1 in the iVoCE Concealer category!
The best-selling Magic Concealer in this collection has sold over 2.7 million pieces!

Since its launch in 2012, "Magic Concealer" has been loved by women of all ages, and has attracted widespread attention in major media, including winning the annual first place in the concealer category of LDK Magazine's COSME OF THE YEAR.

In the first update in four years, the design will be changed to something more luxurious and christening while retaining the image of the past.
In addition, UV measures (SPF28) can now be taken while maintaining the same availability as before.

🌟 Moisturizing ingredient combination 3
Hyaluronic Acid, 3 Collagen,
Royal Jelly Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract Combination,
Care for bare skin

🌟 Soft focus effect, no worries
Acne scars, pores and wrinkles are not prominent due to light diffusing powder combination
, even skin tone redness, skin tone

Uneven focus 🌟 Cover uneven effect
The real spherical powder is punched into and applied to the skin smoothly
Pores and wrinkles and acne

Printed uneven cover 🌟 Long-lasting without distortion, stretch effect
The smooth powder formula makes it

Non-greasy 🌟 Needle tip and easy to use tip type

Manufacturer: AQUA CUBE

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