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Sana SANA 24-hour powder cake 10g scented tea fragrance

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【Original name in Japanese】

Sukin Memorial Day

【feature of product】

A "skin care powder" that can be used comfortably for 24 hours, you can expect a covering effect, a skin care effect, and a sebum absorption effect. The combination of a powder with a makeup effect and a beauty serum with a skin care effect can be added to your morning make-up routine to naturally cover shine and unevenness, improving the longevity and clarity of your makeup. Use at night after skin care to cover dullness and stickiness, leaving skin hydrated and smooth. It also absorbs sebum while you sleep. Recommended for those who like a natural look and want to keep it clean for 24 hours.

Makeup x skin care, beautiful naked skin in the morning and evening


○Fake nude powder *1

A concealer effect can be expected that hides your troubles even if it looks like bare skin...  

○ Aurora Pearl

Ultra-fine polarized pearls that can cover up the dullness of the entire skin.

○ Oil control powder *2

Prevents makeup from collapsing during the day and absorbs sebum while sleeping at night.

○ Nude pink that can be hidden a little.


Tokiwa herbal products

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