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Hadabisei adult's plant skin care lotion 130g

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【Product Description】
With a rich and mellow touch, it blends smoothly into the skin and seals.
Even if it's not sticky, it retains moisture throughout the day, leaving skin soft and smooth.
No Alcohol (Ethanol), No Fragrance, No Pigmented Skin irritation test Allergy test, sting test with the cooperation of people with sensitive skin This does not mean that allergies and skin irritation will not happen to everyone.

After conditioning the skin with toner, take an appropriate amount (1-2 pumps) and gently spread over the entire face.
Finally, press with your hands to absorb moisture.
It is advisable to increase the amount in the areas where you are concerned about dryness, such as the eyes and mouth.
Kwai Tia Kracie Hadabisei Hadabisei Plant Beauty Moisturizing Lotion 130g
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