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[Class 3 medicines] Santen Pharmaceutical ソフトサンティア Artificial tear eye drops 5ml*4 pcs

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Santen-made 薬ソフトサンティア5ml×4

【Product introduction

Artificial tears to improve eye discomfort.

2~3 drops per time, 5~6 times per day


Product features

ソフトサンティアは涙ティアは涙にいにいをった Artificial hydration でででにににうかわき・foreign body sensation などの unpleasant symptoms を improvement しますサ, ソフ ト は ン ソフ ア は, コ ン タ ク ト レ レ に対 し て に対 ら ら を ぼさ ぼさ い が かめ て い い で で で で で タ タ タ タ の コ ン タ ン ズ ン ズ ン ズ ン ズ ン ズできます.なお, ドライアイと diagnosis, されたfang などは, regular ophthalmology consultation されることをおすすめします.
How to open a bolt
The properties of the control agent
Penetration pressure ratio・・・0.90~1.20
Properties・・・Colorless and clear, sterile water-based eye drops

Ingredient / Amount

Additives such as します, ホウ acid and pH adjuster.

Efficiency and effect

ハードコンタクトレンズまたはソフトコンタクトレンズを しているときの unpleasantness, 涙水のかわき, まのかわき, フトコンタクトレンズを

Usage and dosage

2 to 3 drops per time, 5 to 6 times a day for eye drops.
<Usage and Dosage, please be careful>
●Precautions for the second time
(1) In the case of small children using させる には, the guardian's guidance and supervision no もとに use させてください.
(2) The first of the container, the eyes, the hair, the touch, and the turbidity of the liquid.また, turbid したものは use しないでください.
(3) Use してください with にのみ.

Notes on use


Use the chat point above

1. The second person is to talk to a doctor before using it.
(1) Physician's treatment recipient (2) My family's constitution (3) Symptoms and symptoms (4) Secondary symptoms 5) Sub-diagnosis of glaucoma 2. In the next occasion, you can use it directly, stop it, and talk to a doctor.
(1) After use, the second symptom is related to the site: Symptoms: Skin: Rash, redness, eye: Congestion, redness, etc. (2) The eye is improved when it is used for 2 weeks.てもSymptoms がよくならない occasion

Precautions for storage and retrieval

(1) Use するまでは, キャップをねじ込まないでください.
(2) When the sun shines, it is safe to keep it in the place where the sun shines. The quality of the product is maintained, and the heating equipment of the automobile is located near the high temperature and the place where it is placed. It should be placed in a place with high temperature and high temperature, and the quality of the container should be deteriorated, and the quality of the container should be reduced.
(3) Small children's hands are kept at the place where they are kept.
(4) His container is replaced by えないでください.
(The reason for misuse is になったりQuality が変わることがあります.)
(5) Other people and shared しないでください.
(6) Expiration date of the product is the use of the product.また, within the expiry date, and after opening the cap, use it for more than 10 days.
(7) The state of preservation, the crystallisation of the ingredients, the crystallization of the container, the mouth, the mouth, the inner side, and the inner side of the container.その occasion に は clean な ガ ー ゼ で 軽 く ふ き fetch っ て use し て く だ さい.

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